Thursday, April 30, 2009

Institutional Repositories in India – an update

Digital Repository @ INFLIBNET Centre

This is an update to our earlier post ‘Institutional Repositories in India’, of 28th December, 2008. In which we discussed about some of the important but active institutional repositories in India.

Information and Library Network Centre (INFLIBNET) is always been a front runner for the development of academic libraries in our country. From library automation to online subscription and from manpower development to open access, Centre has been exploring new domains of Information management and dissemination to facilitate the Indian academics. Under the able and dynamic leadership of Dr. Jagdish Arora, Centre has been achieving new heights day by day. His leadership has given new ways of consortium subscription, meaningful logo to the Centre, enveloping colleges and social science institutes in the national consortium stream, permanent building to the Centre and more, this list goes on and on by which Centre has been exploring various cooperative ventures at all levels. INFLIBNET’s website which was not accessible earlier for most of the time is now one of the lively and highly visited websites by the academic world. Whole credit goes to Dr. Arora and his team of scientists who have given new hopes to achieve 2020 vision of the nation in desired time by facilitating the nation with free flow of scholarly information.

In 2003 Centre created Institutional Repository with the name as 'Dspace @ INFLIBNET' but it remained inaccessible most of the time due to some technical reasons. Recently INFLIBNET has revamped and relaunched this institutional repository with more smooth and vibrant look. It is created on Dspace (An open source software) and can be accessed at The repository is providing access to INFLIBNET’s news through ‘INFLIBNET in Press and Media’ and also giving access to ‘INFLIBNET’s Convention Proceedings’ collection which is covering articles published in all conventions (CALIBER & PLANNER) of the Centre from the year 2003 onwards.

We do hope the National Information and Library Network Centre of the country will always keep the librarianship's flag high and lead the world by setting up best examples.

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