Tuesday, November 24, 2009


ICT with various newly emerged technologies, artificial intelligence of semantic and controlled Web would bridge all communication barriers of a person in every walk of life. Web 4.0 will comprise all services and tools of web 3.0 supported with artificial intelligence. In this, web itself analyse the information and will generate new ideas and theories which would be communicated to the people of the same subject areas.

Web 4.0 would be a different world for an individual and it will bring like minded people together despite of different locations. It will notify the researchers with the relevant information over PC or mobile about the ongoing research or discussion on the same topic on which s/he is working for.

Library 4.0:
Whole web will be known as library and will be called as learning web. Everything placed on the web will get a unique location and web itself synthesis and analyse every part of the published content. Open Access system gets more encouragement and library 4.0 will divide the web into two parts “learning web” and “Spamming or Trashing web”. In this, ‘learning web’ will work as a ‘gigantic open virtual library’ with higher precision value and academicians will go with this. ‘Spamming or Trashing Web’, will be for the whole garbage available over the Internet which would cover recreational part of Internet. Libraries need to work in network or in collaboration with various professional networks. None of the individual library will survive in the 4.0 generation of web.

Role of a Librarian:
It is understood librarians have to be essentially techno savvy in 4th generation of web but they need to have expertisation on analysing the relevant information demanded by their users. Apart from tracking latest happenings in core areas of their users they would need to keep track on user’s online visits over the Internet which s/he will perform for the sake of learning. User’s visits over the web would lead the librarians to negotiate with information agencies and commercial publishers about the used information but after the information used by the users.

Web 4.0 or Library 4.0 is yet in imaginations, which is getting developed day by day with the acceleration of ICT. Emergence of new technologies will demand librarianship with virtue of systematic and dedicated practices. Library 4.0 will accommodate (club) many of the services which are today, working in separate or independent domains. No doubt this generation of libraries will face lot of challenges from the users as well as technologies because whole web will give a desired virtual library system.
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